Game Changing Migraine Medication To Be Available November 2014

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 30, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Migranade, Inc. announced today the new migraine medication, MIGRANADE Migraine Relief will be available to the 36 million U.S. migraine sufferers November, 2014. The medicine is developed from a platform technology that targets the actual cause of migraines and not just the symptoms. While all migraine medications attack pain and not the source Migranade is assured to be a game changer in the migraine medication category. MIGRANADE Migraine Relief is available at and will soon hit the major retail chains.

“As a chronic migraine sufferer, my whole work and personal life has been controlled by when and where I will get a migraine which is a daily ailment. After learning about Migranade I decided to give it a try. I waited approximately 5 to 10 minutes and for the first time in my life my migraine was gone and hasn’t returned. I am getting my life back after weeks of no reoccurring migraine. I am keeping Migranade hopeopathic medication on me at all times for the next time I get one. I can’t help but feel this product will be a life changing experience for thousands if not millions of people around the globe,” said Thomas Grahm, Migranade user.
Migranade, Inc. is a U.S. Pharmaceutical company with a focus on the research and development, manufacturing and marketing of medications for the treatment and prevention of migraine headache. MIGRANADE Migraine Relief is a priority oral effervescent homeopathic delivery system medication for the treatment of migraine headaches. Unlike current OTC migraine medications, MIGRANADE Migraine Relief targets the actual cause of the migraine headaches vs. only treating symptoms. Formulas are patent pending. For media inquiries contact Orange County, CA Public Relations Agency or send an email to [email protected] .
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