Migraine Relief Alternative & Prevention – How to Cure a Migraine Without Medicine

Migraine Relief Alternative & Prevention – How to Cure a Migraine Without Medicine

Migraines affect over 500 million people worldwide and it has been recorded that only 1% of the world population escape the pain and suffering causes by headaches within a lifetime. In this article I shall be discussing several techniques for curing a migraine without resorting to medication, but firstly lets explain what a Migraine actually is.

What is a Migraine Headache?

Migraines are a type of headache pain which is focused around one side of the head which often becomes very acute. Migraine sufferers often experience migraines once a week up to 3-4 times a week. It is difficult for any migraineur to take medication for a long period of time, not only this but migraine medication can have severe side effects and can be costly. However there are other solutions, natural migraine remedies which help to relief and prevent migraines.

Migraine Relief Alternative #1

A very simple technique to relieve a migraine headache is to apply a cold pack on the area of most pain often just in front of the ear or side of the head. It is also a good idea to lie down in a dark room.

Darkness helps to relieve headaches especially for those migraneurs who are photosensitive. The darkness helps to soothe the nerves, especially those around the eyes.

Migraine Relief Alternative #2

Another way of relieving a migraine headache is to drink coffee. Coffee is high in caffeine, which acts quickly giving an almost instant relief. Doctors have emphasised the effects that caffeine can have on migraine sufferers several times. So much so that there is now a medication available which provides caffeine in the form of a tablet targeted especially for those who suffer from migraines.

Migraine Relief Alternative #3

A simple technique like taking a walk and inhaling fresh air also helps relieve migraines. A general cause of this type of headache is stress therefore doing simple exercise such as walking helps to soothe and relax the human body.

Migraine Relief Alternative #4

Migraines can often be caused by dehydration therefore drinking lots of water can help to relieve these types of headaches.

There are many ways to relieve migraines using simple natural techniques which take away the need for any medication. These techniques can be instant relievers and come with no side effects; they are cost effective and simple to try.


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