Migraine Treatment Diary – A Powerful Tool For Migraine Headache Relief

Migraine Treatment Diary – A Powerful Tool For Migraine Headache Relief

If you suffer from migraine headaches, you are probably searching for information that can lead to migraine relief. Guess what? You have the best information available that can put you on your way to migraine headache relief, you just have to write it down. Once the diagnosis is made, a migraine treatment diary is a crucial tool that you and your health care provider can use to discover the information that may eventually head off, shorten, or lessen the pain of migraine headaches.

One of the key advantages to keeping a migraine treatment diary is that over time you will be able to identify patterns to your migraine headaches. For most people there is no cure for their migraines, but one goal is to identify those things that trigger, or start the chain reaction that becomes your migraine, to avoid them in the future. Another important discovery a headache diary can reveal are the symptoms you experience just prior to your migraine. In one clinical study, migraine sufferers who tracked their experiences in diaries learned to predict the warning symptoms of attacks over 70% of the time! Recognition of the symptoms preceding your migraine headache is critical to stop the process and avoid the migraine altogether.

Keep your migraine diary simple. Start with recording the date of the migraine headache, how long it lasted, location of the pain, the pain intensity on a scale of 1-10, the symptoms preceding the migraine, triggers, symptoms associated with migraine (nausea, vomiting, light sensitivity), treating medication, supplements or herbal remedies (name and dosage), and the pain relief from the medication (complete, moderate, none). If an alternative treatment therapy such as massage or aroma therapy helps you achieve migraine headache relief, note this as well. This particular format is helpful when you and your doctor are evaluating a new drug for your migraine headache treatment.

Many people also use a migraine treatment diary to discover their triggers. Triggers can come from a number of factors such as stress, changes in sleep patterns, weather/barometric changes, hormonal fluctuations in women (menstruation, pregnancy or menopause), strong odors (perfume, cigarette smoke, paint), medications, or certain foods. Common food triggers are alcohol, chocolate, caffeine, yeast, dairy products like yogurt and aged cheese, processed meats, and foods containing monosodium glutamate (MSG). Asian foods and processed sauces and seasonings are the biggest sources of monosodium glutamate. In order to discover your migraine triggers, record a word or two about your stress level, how much you slept, hormonal influences (for women), weather conditions, and what you ate, or if you didn’t eat on the day before your migraine.

After keeping your migraine treatment diary for few cycles, patterns will begin to emerge. Some people notice that they have symptoms that begin just prior to their migraine. Common symptoms that precede migraine headaches are difficulty concentrating, fatigue, yawning, stiff neck, irritability, depression, blurred vision, color or light flashes in your vision, numbness/tingling in your face, feet or hands, coldness, dizziness, ringing in your ears, or increased urination. Once you can identify that a migraine is on its way, you can take preventive measures to stop or at least lessen the severity of the pain of your migraine.

A migraine treatment diary can be a powerful tool. It provides you and your physician with important information about the severity and frequency of your migraines. It clarifies whether the treatments prescribed are giving you pain relief. Most of all, it illuminates the situations that trigger your migraine headaches, giving you the best chance to stop your migraine before it starts.

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