Natural Home Cures For Migraines

Natural Home Cures For Migraines

There are many good home cures for migraines to relieve the pain and discomfort associated with migraine headaches. A number of people have found relief using these techniques and have been successful in stopping migraine pain naturally. Home cures for migraines are often times over looked. When most people experience migraine headache pain, they first resort to over-the-counter or prescription medications. However, in addition to conventional treatment, it is possible to stop migraine pain naturally, using natural treatments or alternative therapies.

But before you can investigate some of the home cures for migraines, you need to first figure out what triggers your migraine. The fact is there are almost as many different triggers as there are migraine sufferers. It has been found, however, that many migraines are caused by one or more of the following factors.

The first migraine trigger may come from your parents. If one or both of your parents suffered from migraines, there is a good chance that you will get them too.

The food you eat can bring on migraines. Alcohol, processed cheese, caffeine, chocolate, artificial sweeteners and seasonings (MSG) are known to cause migraines in some individuals. In addition, stress, too much or too little sleep, changes in the weather, time zone, or altitude can bring on a migraine attack. And lastly, external factors, such as bright lights, certain smells (perfumes), or second-hand smoke may cause migraines. Following are several natural home cures for migraines.

Peppermint oils are one of the great home cures for migraines that stops migraine pain naturally. The best way to use it is to lie down and apply a small amount of peppermint oil to the forehead or on the back of the neck. Then, relax and have a steaming hot cup of lemon tea with natural honey. After relaxing with your cup of tea, turn down the lights, lie down, and rest for half an hour with your eyes closed. Many people get relief using this method.

A cold compress is another one of the home cures for migraines that reduces migraine or headache pain. If you want to try this approach, start with cool washcloths or towels around the neck, temples, and armpits. A ziplock bag filled with ice or a cold washcloth can also be used. Although most people report that a cold compress works best to get relief from a headache or a migraine, some individuals claim that heat works best for them. If you would like to try this approach, start with warm washcloths or towels around the neck and armpits.

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