Perfect Health Guide For Curing Headache

Perfect Health Guide For Curing Headache
Headache is mainly referred to as the pain occurring in head, nerves or upper neck. The pain could be felt in various parts of the head. It is also known as Cephalalgia and could be temporary or chronic in nature.

Causes of Headache:

The prime causes of headache are found to be emotional stress, allergy, infection, low blood sugar, high blood pressure, tension, nutritional deficiency and toxins that are found within the body. Allergies too become the unsusceptible factor of headaches.
Home Remedies for Curing Headache:

Henna: Henna flowers are found to be an effective remedy for curing headache. It is advised that the flowers of henna should be crushed and mixed with vinegar later applied over the head relief the pain.

Lemon: For curing headache lemon proves as a beneficial home remedy. It is advised the juice of fresh lemon slices should be consumed with a cup of tea to get instant relief. The outer rind of lemon should be crushed into fine paste should be applied over the temples to get instant relief.

Cinnamon: To cure headache, cinnamon proves really effective home remedy. It is advised that cinnamon should be grounded to fine paste mixing water and this mixture should be applied over forehead and temples to get instant relief from pain.

Marjoram: Marjoram is beneficial in curing the nervous headache. It is advised that the decoction of its leaves should be consumed as a tea to get instant pain relief.

Apple: For curing headache it is advised that inner soft part of the apple after removing the outer skin and inner hard core should be consumed with common salt every morning on empty stomach for seven days to get relief from headache.

Rosemary: Rosemary too can prove beneficial in relieving headache. For this it has been advised the rosemary herb should be boiled in water and should be inhaled hot by way of steam may help in relieving the pain. Ensure to cover the head with towel before having the steam.

Dietary Recommendations for Headache:

If you really want to alleviate the problem of headache then you should have physical exercise, positive thinking and proper dietary plan. It is advised that patient must take citric juices with water two times a day or after every two hours relatively from morning 8:00 am to night 8:00 pm every day.

The patient should have nutritious diet comprising of fresh fruits vegetables and dried fruits. Starchy meals comprising rice, cereals, potatoes and whole wheat bread. The oily food, sour buttermilk, condiments and spices should be prevented from consumption.

Apart from this you may also try enema bath, hot fomentation and hot foot baths for treating the chronic headaches. These treatments should be undertaken for two to three weeks depending upon the patient recovery. Yoga asanas may also prove beneficial for curing headaches.

Thus, these home remedies if applied seriously may help you in curing all the temporary and chronic phases of headaches without any medications. So, enjoy healthy lifestyle with natural home remedies.

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