Symptoms of Sinus Headache

Symptoms of Sinus Headache

Sinus headaches result from a condition called sinusitis. This simply means that the sinuses become inflamed and swollen. The virus can cause this and so can bacterial infections. Even fungi can cause sinusitis. Exposure to various allergens such as pollen or chemicals, impaired immune function, or structural irregularities of the breast will cause inflammation and symptoms of sinus headaches. The symptoms are unusually uncomfortable and painful. In general, you can still function, but you feel miserable. It may seem sometimes that the only consolation is that it will not last forever, but that does not prevent us from seeking help with prescription medicines or visiting the doctor. 

Symptoms of sinus headache include a sensation of pain, pressure, congestion and fullness in the cheeks, forehead and brow. Usually, the pain becomes more extreme if you bend forward or lie down. No nasal discharge is yellow-green and unpleasant, possibly contaminated with blood. Sometimes this is accompanied by fever, sore throat, cough, general fatigue and weakness, and pain sensation in the upper teeth. These symptoms may be easily confused with a migraine. With a migraine, no runny nose or fever, but it is important to note that many studies have shown that 90% of sinus headaches are actually supposed migraines. The best way to alleviate this confusion is to consult a doctor, especially if this happens to you on a regular basis. 

There are features of migraine that do not match the symptoms of sinus headaches. Migraine headaches cause extreme sensitivity to noise and high light, nausea and vomiting and are usually so painful that the only comfortable position is lying on a dark, quiet room, without stimulation. Migraines can include runny nose and congestion, but rehabilitation is clear and watery rather than thick yellow-green like experiences with a sinus headache. 

Common symptoms, recurrent sinus headaches are an indication of chronic sinusitis. You are at greater risk for chronic sinusitis, if you have asthma, nasal polyps or tumors, allergies to dust, chemicals, fungi and pollen, a weakened immune system, cystic fibrosis, or if you smoke cigarettes or frequent exposure to secondhand smoke. 

Sinus headache symptoms can be treated. More drugs are useful for short term use. Sometimes, however, the condition can be more severe and chronic. If you experience sinus headaches often consult a doctor. They will be able to help more than you can help yourself and feel better. 


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