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New Device For Treatment Of Cluster Headaches

It Stimulates The Vagus Nerve

Acupuncture Can Work As A Potent Analgesic For Back Pain And Migraine

It Can Also Treat Depression And Hot Flashes

Learning About The Two Main OTC Painkillers And Their Side Effects

Paracetamol And Ibuprofen Address Pain, But Work In Different Ways

There Are Different Types Of Migraine, Depending On Their Frequency

They Have Different Levels Of Symptoms, Anxiety, And Inability To Focus

Side Effects Of High Blood Pressure Medication Include Headaches And Sleep Disturbance

Also, Erectile Dysfunction, Depression, And Dizziness

Low Serotonin Can Be The Cause Of Sleep Disorders, Migraine, And Anxiety

It Can Be Treated Naturally With A Diet Rich In Tryptophan

Study: Excessive Daytime Sleepiness Is Linked To A High Frequency Of Headaches

Participants Evaluated Their Likeness To Fall Asleep And Their Level Of Disability Due To Headaches

Ponytail Headache May Persist After The Hair Has Been Loosened

The Cause May Be A High Level Of Scalp Sensitivity

LED Bulbs May Be A Source Of Headache Due To Their Flickering

They Flicker Four Times More Than Fluorescent Lights

Nocturnal Epilepsy Can Be Caused By Unusual Brain Development And Low Oxygen In The Brain

Some Of The Symptoms Include Headaches, And Muscle Strain