For Loblaw, Shoppers acquisition brings potential union headache


Kathleen Wong, Analyst, Veritas Investment Research joins BNN for a look at what the Loblaw/Shoppers Drug Mart deal could mean for Canada’s retail landscape. WMT-N Wal-Mart 79.67 -0.09
-0.113 % Add to watchlist TGT-N Target Corp. 61.97 -0.21
-0.338 % Add to watchlist L-T Loblaw Companies 45.80 0.08
0.175 % Add to watchlist SWY-N Safeway Inc. 34.08 -0.08
-0.234 % Add to watchlist
  • WMT-N
  • SWY-N
  • SC-T
  • L-T
  • TGT-N

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