How can I prevent migraines?

Question by : How can I prevent migraines?
I get migraines every 3 months. It starts with these waves going accross my face. It almost seems like I’m looking through broken glass. And my vision gets very blurry. After about 20 minutes the waves stop and the migraine itself comes. First off, what are these waves/broken glass? And how do I stop getting migraines.

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Answer by Mieren
The biggest cause of migraines are diet, allergies, stress, malnutrition, dehydration, medicine, and smells. I think your diet is the cause.

Switch from junk food to a healthier diet for now. Fresh meat and produce are things that definitely won’t contain anything dangerous. But you may want to take it easy on fruits and juice. Vitamin C is a major trigger for most people with migraines. And absolutely never take a vitamin C supplement. That will set off a migraine that will last for days. Full vitamins can occasionally do the same thing. If you take vitamins, snap the pills in half and take one with lunch, and the other with dinner so that you can spread out the amount of vitamins at one time. They’re a little rough on an empty stomach.

The most common triggers are MSG, chocolate, vitamin C or fruit, dairy, onions and garlic, aged meats and cheeses, nuts, preservatives, and artificial sugar. Caffeine varies. It can make it worse, make it better, or just plain do nothing. You may not suffer from everything in that list, and you may have problems with other things I didn’t list.

I believe your problem is a build up of food triggers. Just because you
don’t see “MSG” on the label doesn’t mean it’s not there. The only sure ways are if the label states “no MSG” or if you’re buying fresh meat and produce. Other names for MSG in the labels…. monosodium glutamate, glutamic acid, glutamate, monopotassium glutamate, calcium glutamate, natrium glutamate, yeast extract, anything “hydrolyzed”, calcium caseinate, sodium caseinate, yeast, yeast nutrient, autolyzed yeast, gelatin, textured protein, soy protein, whey protein, vetsin, ajinomoto… and my personal favorite among the hidden bull$ —… NATURAL FLAVORS.

Start keeping track of everything I ate down to the tiniest little detail. Begin with fresh produce and meat since they’re not a problem, and starting adding in things to my diet one at a time to know absolutely for sure what was causing the problem. Once you know what foods set you off, either avoid them entirely or only eat a small amount. Don’t stack up the small amounts of different things. If you stack up several triggers all at once, it will still add up to the point of a migraine. For some people, multiple mixed triggers have a synergistic effect with each other and can cause the migraines to become worse than they were for a single trigger.

The broken glass look in your vision is a precursor for migraines. It’s actualy useful if you have medication, because you can sometimes stop it before it hits full migraine status. Medications vary person to person, so you may have to experiment to find one that works for you. I take Midrin, which does absolutely nothing for my father or best friend. My father takes Amerge, which does nothing for my friend, but makes my migraines ten times worse. My friend takes Imitrex, which only helps a tiny bit for my father, but makes me high as a kite. Try Excedrin before you go for prescription medications. It actually works fairly well if you catch the migraine early on.

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