treatment for migraines?

Question by : treatment for migraines?
My cousin has had migraines for 3 months now and is not getting better shes got a appointment at the kids hospital for diagnosis and scans for her head just to mzke sure.Is there any treatment for migraines?

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Answer by oldtimekid2
There are a few of them, but they aren’t recommended for children (if I’m reading your question correctly). Feverfew and Butterbur are herbs that naturally helps support circulation to the brain and the tone of the blood vessels, so it can actually help people with migraines and can even reduce the occurrence of them in many people. If your cousin is under 18, those may not be appropriate in the doses you can find OTC but there are other things you can try.
For example, I’ve also found in myself (after reading an article from a natural doctor and experimenting) that low Serotonin can cause a migraine. It took me a while to realize it, but I had occasional migraines that would come when I didn’t get enough sleep for long enough periods, but taking a capsule of 5-HTP (also not a good idea for minors) helped replenish enough of the Serotonin that if I took it at the first sign of my migraine (a slight twinge and mild nausea), it would clear up completely within 30-60 minutes and I wouldn’t get a full-blown headache at all.
Unfortunately, part of which one would help the most would really depend on the cause of it. There would be a different answer if it’s from an allergy, external irritant, medical condition, side effect from a drug, etc, etc. If she is over 18, I would suggest giving those a try (one at a time to see which one is most effective for you) and see if she can prevent them from coming back full force. However, if she’s under 18, I would suggest making sure she gets 8-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night and drinks her “8 glasses of water” every day as sleep and dehydration are a couple big factors that can contribute to headaches and migraines. I point out “uninterrupted sleep” because some people are stirred often during the night, which prevents them from getting the deep sleep they need, which can cause migraines… a sleep study may help to identify if that’s a problem, but someone could watch her for a night to see if it’s an issue. Good luck and I hope I helped!

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