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Did you know that Pancreatic Cancer is very difficult to detect? Its symptoms can be related to other conditions. However, if not detected at an early stage, it becomes almost impossible to cure. Doctor, is it true that pancreatic cancer ended with the life of Steve Jobs? Yes it is, but if you learn to identify it at an early stage can literally save your life.

Many people, at certain age, have bellyache or heartburn every day – they find it very difficult to get rid of it. In most cases, it is intolerance to lactose or other products, and the body has a hard time trying to digest them. Doctor, I have gasses and diarrhea after certain meals – am I intolerant to certain foods? After evaluation, a simple change in your diet will solve most of the issues. In other cases it is a more serious condition.

Are you familiar with “You are what you eat”? Many people eat junk food every day, and aren’t aware how harmful this is for their health. The reason? The digestive system is related to every major organ in the body. Doctor, if I live on hamburgers, soda and pizza – am I doomed?. Not really –  natural and fresh diet will do wonders cleansing your body.

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