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This week we have interesting info: Did you know that there are unusual trigger that will result in a headache? Also, how to avoid rebound headaches, learning about alternative ways to get rid of headaches, identifying what foods can lead to migraine and headache, consequences of magnesium insufficiency, causes of frozen headaches, using sound-based therapy for treating migraines and headaches, symptoms and consequences of low acidity in the body, and more.

Alternative Ways To Get Rid Of Headaches

There are other treatments than pills for persons with recurrent headaches or migraine. Among them are botox, which paralyzes muscles and takes care of headaches due to muscle tension. Others are headbands with vibrating electrodes and medication patches, essential oils and magnesium. More details here.

Avoiding Rebound Headaches

Excess usage of pain relievers for headaches have a serious side effect called rebound headache. The cause is not completely clear, but doctors believe the brain sets alternate pathways for pain. Once they are identified, they can be treated by lowering or suspending the intake of medications. More details here.

Suffering From Headache? Avoid These Foods

If suffering from frequent headaches there are foods that can worsen them. For example, ripe bananas release a substance called tyramine, which can trigger headaches. Bread increases blood sugar, cause for headaches and ice cream constricts blood vessels, leading also to headaches. More details here.

Consequences Of Magnesium Insufficiency

Magnesium is a fundamental mineral for the proper functioning of the body. It is necessary for the operation of more than 300 enzymes. Also it is essential for the activity of muscles and nerves, hormones, immune system, and food processing. Low magnesium intake has serious consequences. Among them are high blood pressure, diabetes, migraine headache. Also there are fatigue, confusion, anxiety, muscle cramps, nausea, among others. Check all the list. More here.

What Are Frozen Headaches?

We explained that ice cream can be a cause for headaches. Actually, any cold food or drink can trigger it. This is because it constricts the blood vessels on the roof of the mouth. Afterwards, as they warm up and expand, they send pain signals through a nerve responsible for the pain in the face. As a result, the brain thinks the pain is from the forehead, resulting in headache. More here.

Headache Treatment Though Sound-Based Therapy

There is a new therapy based on sound that is showing positive effects on controlling high blood pressure and migraine. It reads brain activity using sensors in the scalp. This activity is transformed in audible tones and immediately reflected into the brain. The treatment has also proved effective for insomnia. More details here.

Check These Unusual Headaches Triggers

Headache can be triggered by a variety of reasons. For example, dried, smoked or aged foods like cheeses or salami contain sulfites, which dilates the blood vessels. Other are fragrances and smells, like gasoline, perfume or tobacco, the computer screen brightness, which stimulates the optical nerve, and dehydration, which narrows the blood vessels. Check all the causes of headaches. More here.

What Is Happening With Migraine Treatment?

A migraine is a severe, pounding headache. It is the sixth highest cause of disability, and affects almost 15% of the people. However, it is not given the importance it deserves, and in many cases it is under-treated or under-diagnosed. Why is this happening? More details here.

Consequences Of Low Acidity In The Body

Foods can be acid or alkaline. Excess eating of one kind or the other will affect the balance of pH in the body. If the body is acidic, the calcium in the bones will be used to maintain the pH balance, so it might lead to osteoporosis. It also increases the sensitivity of the teeth, leads to headaches, depression, poor digestion and acne. Among others, it affects the digestive system causing indigestion, heartburn and causes bad breath. Check all the effects. More here.

Study: Enzyme Treatment For Painful Disorders

An enzyme, called serrapeptase, extracted from the digestive tract of the silkworm, has proved to have many health benefits. For example, it is used for treating painful conditions, such as fibromyalgia, migraine headache, tension headache, and rheumatoid arthritis. It is also useful for autoimmune disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and has anti-aging properties. More details here.

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