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Certain Headaches Are Not Caused By Muscle Tension On The Head

They Are Called Cervicogenic Headaches And Are Originated On The Neck Due To An Injury Or Poor Posture

Recovery From A Virus Can Include Extreme Tiredness

It Is Called Post-Viral Syndrome, And Also Includes Body Aches, Variations In Blood Pressure, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Sleep Disorders, And Depression

Migraine Patients Not Responding To Traditional Therapy Can Benefit From Green Light

Study Revealed A 60% Decrease In Pain Intensity And 50% Of The Frequency Of The Attacks

Jaw Popping And Clicking Is A Symptom Of Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD) Can Be Linked To Sleep Apnea

Other Causes Are Excessive Anxiety, Arthritis, Trauma, Or Accident, And Can Lead To Poor Sleeping And Headaches

Acupuncture Can Decrease The Intensity, Frequency, And Duration Of Migraine Attacks

Study Revealed That This Treatment Releases Certain Neurotransmitters In The Thalamus, Which Decrease Migraine Pain

Stress, Panic Attacks, And Social Anxiety Can Originate Vertigo

Other Symptoms Of Vertigo Are Headaches, Tinnitus, And Nausea

Foam Rollers Are Beneficial For Back Pain, Headaches, And A Smooth Skin

It Helps To Relax The Muscles After A Workout, Increases Flexibility, And Can Also Be Used As A Self-Massage

New Non-Invasive Device For Migraine Can Be Obtained Without Prescription

It Can Be Used To Stop A Migraine Attack When It Begins, And For Prevention Of Future Outbreaks

Fascia Tissue May Be One Of The Causes Of Intense Headaches

It Is A Tissue That Surrounds The Muscle, Containing More Nerve Endings, And Is 10 Times More Sensitive To Pain

Chronic Migraine Can Also Result In Mental Issues

These Can Be Avoided By Performing Guided Meditation, Physical Activity, Social Interaction, And Self-Care