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  • New Drug Treatment For Cluster Headaches Has A Fast Effect

    The Usual Treatment Was The Same For Migraines, Which Has A Slower Effect


    Hot Weather Can Make Headaches More Painful And More Frequent

    One Of The Reasons Is The Risk Of Dehydration Due To High Temperatures


    Caffeine Can Trigger Migraines But Can Also Prevent Headaches

    Combined With Certain Drugs, It Can Also Be Beneficial For Other Type Of Headaches


    Identifying When A Dog Is Suffering From Headaches

    It Will Show A Clear Change Of Behavior Losing Interest In Play And In Their Favorite Treat


    Treating Daily Migraine Episodes

    It Includes Medications For Migrate Attacks And Also For Migraine Prevention


    Tinnitus And Headaches Can Be Symptoms Of Cerebrospinal Fluid Leak

    It Can Be Identified If The Intensity Of The Headache Varies When Changing Head Position


    Brain Freeze Headaches Are Caused By Ingestion Of Cold Drinks Or Foods

    However, There Are Easy Ways To Prevent It


    Alternative Treatments For Migraine

    Among Them Are Nerve Stimulation, Peripheral Nerve Blocks, And Botox


    Sudden Headaches Can Be A Symptom Of A Serious Condition

    It Can Be A Symptom Of A Stroke Or A Brain Aneurysm, Requiring Immediate Attention In The Emergency Room


    Understanding The Different Types Of Headaches

    They Can Be Caused By Excessive Activity Of Pain Receptors, Or As A Result Of Other Health Conditions