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  • Study: Low Sleep Fragmentation And Sleep Efficiency Related To A Higher Risk Of Migraine

    Sleep Disturbance Triggered Migraine On Nearly 50% Of Patients

    Hangovers Lasting More Than More Day And Could Be A Sign Of A Serious Disorder

    It Could Be A Symptom Of A Psychological Dependence On Alcohol

    Identifying Foods That Can Trigger Migraines

    Among Them Are Refined Sugar, Red Wine, And Histamine-Rich Foods, Such As Fermented Foods And Seafood

    Physical Activity Can Trigger Or Worsen Migraine Attacks

    The Reason Is Anxiety Sensitivity, Which Causes Migraine Sufferers To Avoid Physical Activity Completely

    The Combination Of Opioid Painkillers Plus Gabapentin Can Result In Severe Breathing Difficulties

    It Adds To The Risk Of Respiratory Depression And A Higher Risk Of Opioid Overdose Death

  • Identifying A Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) Leak

    The Fluid Leaks Through The Eyes And Ears, Causing Tinnitus And Postural Upright Headaches

    Arm Numbness Can Be A Symptom Of A Serious Condition

    Among Them Are Nerve Damage, Heart Attack, Spinal Compression, And Even Stroke

    There Are New Drugs For Preventing And Treating Acute Migraine Attacks

    They Have Pros And Cons Compared To The Triptans, The Most Popular Drugs For Migraine Treatment

    This Type Of Migraine Does Not Cause A Headache

    It Is Called Migraine-Associated Vertigo, And It Has Most Of The Other Symptoms

    Magnesium Deficiency Can Affect Many Body Functions

    Among Its Signs Are High Blood Pressure, Muscle Cramps, Fatigue, Osteoporosis, Sleep Disorders, And Heart Arrhythmia

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