Botox Can Also Be Used For Treating Headaches And Migraines

Botox Can Also Be Used For Treating Headaches And Migraines    

Besides Cosmetic Treatments, It Can Also Be Used For Crossed Eyes, Eyelid Spasms, And Excessive Sweating, Among Others    

Botox is usually associated with cosmetic treatments and elimination of wrinkles. However, it has many other uses, due to its capacity to paralyze muscles. One of them is treatments for headaches and migraines. Some of the symptoms of these conditions are nausea, sensitivity to light and pain in the head, which can be caused by pain in the scalp muscles. These can be relaxed by injecting botox in the temples on the back of the neck, and at the base of the head. Also, many people frown involuntarily, which contributes to tension headaches. This can be alleviated by injecting botox between the eyebrows, also known as the glabellar area. It can also treat several issues related to eyesight, such as crossed eyes, or strabismus. This condition can be corrected by surgery, but some doctors prefer to inject botox to relax the muscles and see how the uncrossed eye will look. Another eye condition is thyroid eye disease, in which the eyelids are tightened due to hyperthyroidism, giving a look of retracted or bulging eyes. Patients also have difficulty lowering their eyelids completely, which fails to protect the surface of the eye and to moisturize it. The tightened eyelid muscles can be relaxed with Botox. In addition, another eye-related condition is eyelid spasms, also known as blepharospasms, in which there is a loss of control of the ability to communicate with the basal ganglia, an area of the brain responsible for controlling eye movements. This causes to have uncontrollable spasms or droopy eyelids. Botox blocks the communication between the nerves and the muscles, preventing the spams. Other uses of Botox are excessive sweating and drooping, among others. Check all the conditions that can be treated with botox. Additional details click here.


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